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Registry cleaners will make sweeping statements about how beneficial they are to your computer system when you see their advertisements or visit their websites. For instance, according to one cleaner, cleaning, repairing, as well as optimizing your Windows registry helps fix Hewlett Packard dll eliminate errors and crashes and restore smooth and steady functioning. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG – This folder stores your computer’s current configuration, which is also located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, alongside any other configurations on your computer. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – This folder contains info that applies to all users on the computer, including driver and OS settings.

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This includes hardware settings, object properties, operating system settings, and application options. It’s all stored in one central location, and, thanks to a handy tool called the Registry Editor, it’s yours to play with (carefully!) as you see fit. It’s not necessary for all Windows applications to use the Windows Registry. Some programs store their configurations in XML or other types of files instead of the registry, and others are entirely portable and store their data in an executable file. In addition, the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder contains a copy of the system’s registry hives that were created after installation and the first successful startup of Windows. Some apps use XML files or local executable files to store their settings. If you uninstall a program, you usually delete its settings from the registry — but not always.

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If it renders your Registry files wholly or partly unreadable, your computer will likely refuse to boot or exhibit strange behavior. You need to nail down the cause of the corruption before restoring the Registry, especially in the case of hardware data corruption. Orphaned entries are keys and values left behind when you uninstall software. These are harmless, but Registry clean-up apps are sold on the premise that orphaned entries “clog up” your Registry and affect performance and stability. We recommend avoiding Registry cleaners, which can do far more harm than good. To open the Registry Editor, press the Windows key + R to open the run dialog box. Alternatively, search for it using the Start Menu and click on Registry Editor when the result appears.

  • Optionally, you can use the Storage settings instead of Disk Cleanup to delete the downloaded Windows Update files in Windows 11.
  • The contents of this branch are stored in the file SYSTEM.DAT in the Windows 9x Registry.
  • Your PC always creates entries but sometimes does not delete them even if they are not in use any more.
  • Just like the cleanup utility tool, the Windows troubleshooter is another built-in tool that helps diagnose system-related problems and tries to fix them automatically or offer effective solutions.
  • Running this scan has proven to get rid of issues with the Windows 10 reset failing.

Thankfully, many problems in both versions of Windows are easily corrected. Here are the steps you can take, so neither 10 nor 11 will drive you up the Windows wallpaper.

How to Take Ownership and Assign Full Permissions to a Registry Key.

However, some features of DISM can be used to diagnose and correct issues with the Windows registry. The tool will compare the current state of the system it’s run on with a known good Windows image , and can then be used to correct any discrepancies. Broken Registry Items have been the thorn in many an IT admin’s side almost since the day Microsoft introduced the Registry concept in Windows 3.1. Modern flavors of Windows tend to do a good job of maintaining the registry on their own, but there may still be some limited circumstances where broken registry items can cause issues. If you’re wondering ‘how to repair broken registry items’, read through the rest of this guide to learn what a broken registry item is, what symptoms it may cause, and how to fix it. Folks at Microsoft recommend another method for that.

Reset Registry Editor window position & size

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